As Americans, we’ve been misled. We’ve been fed a false narrative by medical professionals and media for decades. 

While promoting certain foods as “Heart Healthy” and “Superfoods”, they vilified others. Grains, vegetables, and fruits became the foundation of the food pyramid. Meanwhile, protein and fats became attacked. Yet, these were the primary food sources that our ancestors ate. This led to the overconsumption of carbohydrates and changing the primary fuel source for Americans.

Metabolic Flexibility is the natural way for your body to cycle back and forth between using glucose (carbs) to fat (ketones/fatty acids) for fuel. This process should be seamless and happen without you noticing. Our ancestors thrived by building empires and traveling the globe, long before refrigerators, processed/packaged foods, and Starbucks appeared on every corner. We were told to eat frequent meals and carry snacks in our purses and vehicles, so we would have energy for this fast-paced life. Carbohydrates are addictive.

This created a modern world of sugar-addicted snowflakes that can’t go half a day without melting and getting their next fix.

Every inflammatory disease is caused by overly processed foods, only using carbs for fuel, and over consumption.  Most modern day diseases share these common common risk factors: obesity and inflammation. The medical term for this is “poor metabolic health”.

Obesity is caused by insulin resistance, which is from consistent overconsumption of carbs, and overriding the natural balance of the hormone Insulin. 

Your body will always choose glucose to burn first, and when our short-term storage runs out, it switches to fat for fuel. If you’re constantly eating and refilling those glucose stores, you never tap your long term fat storage. This leads to obesity and a negative cycle of poor health choices. 

The question is: How do we reverse this condition to improve our health and use our stored energy (body fat)? 

That’s where it gets complicated. The commonly prescribed fix is to eat less and move more. That sounds simple enough. Yet, it doesn’t work. Just like every modern diet is built on a caloric deficit plan. That sounds basic enough too, but this just leads to yo-yo dieting. Lose weight through pure willpower. Then, when that fades, gain it all back again and more. Does any of this sound familiar? 

Here’s where a health coach becomes helpful. Having a plan that restores your metabolic health is critical to your success. After thirty years of being a strength and conditioning coach, I realized it’s not about out-running your fork. It’s about the sourcing and timing of the fuel we eat. Lowering your carb intake and exercising does work, but it requires a lot of discipline. 

I created Fast.Eat.Live. (a lifestyle nutrition brand) to teach clients a better way of timing fuel sourcing, so they can achieve metabolic health, and still enjoy foods they love. We often get photos from clients on “Live days” celebrating with a cocktail, in special places, with those they love. That’s the brilliance of Fast Eat Live! 

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