This journey is the first program I have done and it’s allowed me to drop over 20 pounds. While also integrating in Scott’s Ignite Stored Energy component, I have decreased my body fat by 10%. I have lost the weight that exercise had not eliminated–the side saddlebags and mom-tummy. I have six-pack abs and clothes that are too big! I have never felt or looked better, and don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.


On 1/6/2020 I decided to see what 14 months of FEL had resulted in.   I did an Inbody (body composition scan) and the Dexa (Bone density) scan that was available to get an idea of my results.


The Dexa is what really showed me something – I now have Abs again.  With FEL my visceral fat around my organs is all of 1.12 pounds – as fat in this area is associated with metabolic disease and diabetes.
I am also proud to say that my Dexa body fat number of 16.8% is below the range for a 20-29 year old woman in the 0-20th percentile.   FEL has done all of this!

Here are my numbers over the course of my journey:
2/16/19 – weight 186.5 and 22.3% body fat – This is when I started sandbag class training with Scott (Ignite Stored Energy)
2/18/19 – weight 187.0 and 19.2% body

11/3/2019 I began FEL – weight 187 lbs and 18.8% body fat

1/6/2020 – weight 162.1 and 12.8% body fat

I am turning 60,  yes 60, this year, and with FEL I am in the best shape of my life, and I am at my healthiest.  I have never dieted, but the hormonal changes of aging took their toll.  FEL changed all of that.   Thank you both for all of your help and support.

The training that Scott does, motivates me daily to challenge myself to do more.  With Rebecca’s recipes at Artful Palate, my love of cooking and my family’s meal choices have expanded. They don’t even realize they are part of FEL, they just think it’s a new recipe.

You guys are the best.  Continued success in 2020 and beyond.

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