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This is your life. You’re here right now because you seek change. We’re so thrilled you found us!

Finding the right balance in life is tough. In fact, it can feel almost impossible because the world is stacked against us.
The pressures of this modern life are nonstop–24 hours a day. Most of us are never unplugging from our devices. We’re inundated with work, family, news, popular culture, or social media. There is constant stimulus and overload to our central nervous system, which can come from modern-day artificial light, noise, and busyness; all of these resulting in inadequate sleep.

This may leave you stressed, anxious, bloated, overweight, feeling terrible, losing more sleep, and full of guilt over the life and body you wish you had.

Anxiety and guilt are quite often caused by the persistent questions relating to when, where, how, and what we think we should be eating.
This is where it gets even more challenging. Our modern society tempts us with constant pressure for social gatherings, work meetings, and other events which revolve around unhealthy foods. On top of that, restaurants often opt for less healthy ingredients, and commercials/ads feature foods that aren’t good for us. Food manufacturers are creating hyper-palatable foods that we literally can’t resist or put down.

With a shortage of time, energy, and even knowledge, we often make one poor decision after another. To top it all off, we have distinguished members of academia and science conducting studies and writing articles, doctors and so-called experts writing books and appearing on television, and every news source and magazine telling us what to eat. For decades now they’ve all contradicted each other and spread misinformation at an alarming rate. All of this has been a tidal wave of noise that we are all exposed to.

How do you know what to believe or who to trust? Do you have a reliable plan or path to follow?

Enter Scott and Rebecca Jansen, our team of coaches, successful clients, and a community of experienced members to be your guides.
We are your advocates to clear up the confusion and set you on a strategic and simple path for a lifetime of successful and healthy choices.
I can confidently say that it is through my unique lens, in working daily for 30 years with people, that I have developed the perfect plan to suit everyone.
I’ve spent time listening to and observing people’s habits, self-talk, worries, stressors of daily life, and the energy and effort it takes to try to succeed.

Time after time, I’ve seen clients work hard, have good intentions and gain short term success, only to eventually fail to achieve their goals. This experience provides insight that studies can’t replicate. We are not a bunch of lab rats. Clients reveal details and share things with me that they may not tell anyone else in their life. It’s the combination of that insight and experience, along with my personal fascination of history and science, that has given me a distinctive lens.

I’ve taken a 10,000 foot view of what history and science have proven to us to work, and adapted that to our modern-day life. I’ve built a lifestyle nutrition plan to help you live your best life.

Fast Eat Live is your plan for success.
It has everything built into it that you need to live your optimal life, guilt-free, with no failure. It’s a lifestyle system that’s flexible enough to fit everyone, yet provides the perfect plan for a successful mental and physical relationship with food. I’m very excited to get you started on your journey toward health and wellness. With us you will finally get the recipe to live your best life.

Now’s the time for you to take back control of your life and create the change you’ve dreamed about.
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By joining Fast Eat Live and doing our weekly system you’re certain to get:
• weight loss and inflammation reduction
• a zero guilt and zero failure plan
• freedom to enjoy the foods you love
• a healthier hormone balance
• a plan for guaranteed success
• mental clarity and increased energy
• a lifestyle that’s sustainable.

By choosing not to join Fast Eat Live or use our expert guidance, you’re guaranteed to remain in a state of confusion as it relates to what and how to eat, continue without a plan, and without a supportive community to ensure your success.

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